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Sunlight cooperates with Nanjing University to develop new “solar heating technology”

Sunlight cooperates with Nanjing University to develop new “solar heating technology”

UpDate:2013-4-8 9:40:11

On Mar.8,  Changzhou Sunlight Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing University was held in Changzhou Science &Education Hall successfully, for the purpose of jointly developing new solar heating technology. President of Nanjing University Chen Qiang, Sunlight General Manager Mei Jianzhong, Senior Consultant Cao Guozhang, etc. had attended the signing ceremony to jointly develop the project of new “solar heating technology.” The cooperation means new breakthrough of heating room program in technology.
Since the formal project approval of Sunlight solar heating program in 2010, the company has greatly invested and completed the solar heating experiment room. It has also conducted researches and analyses in the following fields: ground heat-preservation and cold insulation material; heat storage material (phase change and non-phase change); wall insulation (external thermal insulation and interior thermal insulation); energy saving windows and doors(including “air-conditioning window”); arrangement of floor heating pipes, etc. The heating achievement has gained attention from relevant departments such as Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC. Leaders of Qinhuangdao Government came to visit Sunlight Company personally.
This time, Sunlight Company cooperates with Nanjing University to jointly develop new “solar heating technology”, which is bound to promote the development of Sunlight solar heating undertaking to a new record.


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