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All the parties concerned of split solar water heater

All the parties concerned of split solar water heater

UpDate:2014-9-3 16:50:31

 The diversified development of the solar water heater has become a trend, the high-rise building split solar hot water system has become an integral part of the solar water heater market.

In China, It has much people and less land. And it demand land "treat as a treasure ", high-rise buildings become an inevitable trend, the solar energy and the building integration concept more and more win support among the people. With the development of the domestic line of solar water heater ,consumer demand for domestic hot water, more and more high, and the appearance of the building much more attention, the original basking type, compact has been unable to meet the needs of the people. The utilization of solar energy into the over all design of the environment, construction, technology and aesthetics com., solar facilities become a part of the building, between the organic combination, substitution effects caused by the structure of the traditional solar energy on the architectural appearance ,become the development trend of solar energy such as. In this regard, split solar emerge as the times require. 

Since 2000, a lot of solar energy enterprises to make much research and building integration, and in this regard will continue to have new products come out, but because of technical reasons, or to increase the cost, or not well integrated with building, running for many years, a lot of split solar water heater left hidden trouble of safety at present, for the developers, split type solar energy to achieve integration with the building also need to further crack technical problem. But no doubt, the solar energy and the building integration will become a hot market in the 21 world.

The process of domestic city will continue rapid growth, with the technical upgrading of the industry continues to accelerate, the integration of the standard is increasingly perfect, system integration technology to speed up the improvement, and gradually establish a new model of enterprise development, will produce a number of new manufacturing technology by gradually to the integration, building construction enterprises.

All the time , the perfect application of solar energy and other renewable energy in building technology companies are dream since the pursuit, with solar energy and building the creation of low energy consumption and high comfort and healthy living environment, not only let the household to live more natural and more environmentally friendly, but also can save energy and can reduce pollution, it’s of great significance to realize the sustainable development of society.

Split type solar energy from the beginning of 2010, the growth rate was maintained at more than 20%, and there will be explosive growth in the next few years, become a driving force for an important engine of the solar industry growth


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