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The prospect of the balcony type solar water heater market is considerable

The prospect of the balcony type solar water heater market is considerable

UpDate:2014-2-28 14:21:55

With the increase in urban high-rise building, the balcony wall building integrated solar energy has become an ideal solution. Some solar companies will regard balcony wall-mounted solar products as restructuring and development of the inevitable choice, balcony wall-mounted solar energy is undoubtedly the typical concentric diversification of the solar industry.

         In the rapid urbanization of China, the building energy consumption accounts for about 40 percent of total domestic energy consumption, thus building energy efficiency is very important. China's construction scale of 15-20 million square meters, up to tens of millions of new housing units per year. To combine with the construction of solar energy by 20% if the household penetration to calculate it, every year there are tens of millions of sets of market potential, and therefore the balcony hanging solar market potential is huge, no doubt. We can see that the traditional integrated solar water heater market has been under go the countryside. With the increasing cost of real estate land, new residential second and third tier cities is difficult to see one machine for low-rise residential solar installation. Even from the beginning of 2011, the economy of the county real estate projects developed by small high based. City high-rise residential applications demand for solar water heaters, solar energy and building integrated, wall-mounted solar energy is the only solution. So the market potential and the pace of development can not be overlooked.


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