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Treatment of haze: solar should not "bound"

Treatment of haze: solar should not "bound"

UpDate:2014-7-23 16:06:27

The “haze” was first written into the government work report, "Emphasis cure haze”, shows the government's determination to use strong measures to complete the hard task to wage war on pollution.

The report pointed out that it will be eliminate 50,000 units small coal-fired boiler in the year 2014., To promote the coal-fired power plant desulfurization transformation of 1500,0000 kW, Denitration transformation of 130,000,000 kW, dust transformation of 180,000,000 kW, the elimination of yellow sticker vehicles and old car 6,000,000.

But,To improve the environment problem fundamentally, It must be from itself industrial energy consumption structure, improve the new energy efficiency, promote the reform of the mode of energy production and consumption.

China is a big country of industry of solar energy, photovoltaic and photo thermal racing together bridle to bridle. The National Energy Bureau data shows, in 2013.The new installed of China's solar power capacity is 3,610,000 kilowatts, total installed capacity year-on-year growth of 2 times, it is expected that in 2015 the total installed PV capacity will reach 350,00,000 kilowatts and above, It with a growth state .To alternative coal-fired power generation system. In addition, alleviate the heating of haze, improve the effectiveness of energy saving and emission reduction, solar light and heat contribution can not be ignore.

China photo thermal development has the very high international status in the global development and utilization of new energy field, both the technology and the market are in the domestic, collector area and reserves ranking first in the world, if calculation 1 square meters of solar energy saving 400 degrees to 500 degrees electric by one year,In 2011 China's solar retains the quantity already amounted to 200,000,000 square meters, the annual electricity savings equivalent to recycling a green dam.

From the published data, SO2, NOx and PM10 is a major component of smog, smoke and sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired boiler accounted for the country's total emissions of 41.6% and 22.2%, especially in the North heating season, coal-fired boiler has become the haze to one of the "culprit". Solar heat storage heating can effectively solve the "heating of haze" sleepy.

Since twenty-first Century, the petroleum, the coal plays the "engine" of the fossil energy has been regarded as the environment "killer" in the world economic arena, break the energy bottleneck, speed up the transformation of economic structure, the need to find a new engine of economic growth. Solar energy as a sustainable clean energy, per second to reach the ground energy equivalent to burning 500 tons of coal releases heat, which means that only one hour, to reach the earth's solar energy can provide the required a year of energy for the earth, from the energy supply to the equipment manufacturing, to closely linked with our life solar appliances, solar energy to promote economic growth and is becoming a new economic growth pole.


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