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About us



Changzhou Sunlight Solar Energy Co.,Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer of solar water heaters located in Changzhou of China. we were established in 1997, now owned three factories. The newest factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters and have more than 200 workers,

Sunlight is China Famous Trademark and one of the biggest solar water heating project suppliers.

Our new research on solar heating technology is the most advantage in China.

We have more than 8 years export experience, our quality products export to more than 80 countries.

And we are approved by ISO9001:2008, CE,

Solar keymark (Europe; test& factory inspection), SPF, SRCC (USA; test & factory inspection), SABS (South Africa).



1997          Changzhou Sunlight Solar Energy Co.,Ltd established   

May, 2005     foreign trade department established

March, 2006   Obtain ISO 9001:2001

March, 2006   Sunlight second factory finished

May, 2006     Frame factory established

July, 2006     Obtain CE

Nov., 2006     Heat pipe produce line established

May, 2007     Project department established

June, 2008     First 100Ton’s hot water project complete

April, 2009     Sunlight new factory start building

June, 2009     China Home appliance rural subsidy brand

Dec., 2009     Product passed the test of EN-12975

Feb., 2010     Sunlight be identified as well-known trademark

April, 2010     passed the Solar keymark factory inspection

May, 2010      Moved to Sunlight new factory

March, 2011    Obtained SRCC Certification

May, 2011      Obtained Solar keymark Certification

Dec, 2011      passed the test of SABS

July, 2012      Obtained Class I energy consumption

Dec, 2012      passed the audit of SABS








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